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Hardware-in-loop Real-time Simulation and Control System Based on DSP

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Products Introduction
     Hardware-in-loop real-time simulation and control system is the general-used method
in control system design abroad now, the computer simulation (pure software) and the
real-time control (hardware-in-loop) together�� users can directly use the results
of the simulation for real-time control which can greatly improve the control system design
efficiency. At present, this has been used widely in foreign universities and laboratories.
The most typical example is Germany dSPACE Rapid Prototyping of Control System,
so far, there has been none company can provide similar products like this accept
us in domestic.
     Our system is based on DSP2812 that can be used in graphical Programming and
real-time running with SIMULINK of MATLAB. At first, the user can use the resources
of SIMULINK to design and simulate the systemic control algorithm, then build the
 DSP operating program directly, after that just download and run the program.
Users can observe real-time variables, real-time change the control parameters,
display the control results graphic.
      There are two-channel standard encoder interface and interface resources provided by
the DSP2812, and an external extended 16-bit DA converter. Currently, the system has
been used in our linear motor driven platform and linear motor inverted pendulum.
      The system can be widely used in controller design, motion control and industrial automation systems, and also can be used in automatic control teaching and
experiments of universities and research institutions.