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The Easy-to-use Linear Motor Driven Platform

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     WinnerMotor company's easy-to-use WM series linear motor working platform, using direct linear motor driven workstations, part of the dynamic energy of a direct role in the work platform, without intermediate transmission structure, therefore, was to avoid the traditional way the structure of Linear Motion if leadscrew nut institutions, Gear Rack agencies, a belt-driven structure, the transmission mechanism among these agencies usually have complicated drive space, friction, low transmission efficiency, accuracy, speed and acceleration are smaller issues .
     Linear motor-driven platform for the work to avoid the above-mentioned shortcomings, the easy availability of high-speed, acceleration, simple structure, no friction, high-efficiency drive, while more traditional methods can provide much higher performance indicators, such as a long trip (modular production , the itinerary may need arbitrary lap), high precision (maximum positioning accuracy������level), and other characteristics, not suitable for traditional forms of high-speed high-precision long trip, such as precision linear motion occasions.
     My company's development and production of linear motor working platform has a number of original and its related patents, widely used, can be set up in accordance with the corresponding two-axis or multi-axis to achieve linear movement.