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Voice Coil Linear Motor

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Products Introduction



      Voice coil linear motor named because of their structure similar to the voice coil. With small size, fast response, high frequency, high-precision, which  compared with U-type linear motor and flat the VCM  can provide better high-frequency response characteristics of high-speed oscillation can be reciprocating movement, and are particularly suited for short trips closed-loop servo control system applications. The VCM control is simple and reliable, without reversing device, maintenance-free, long-life, long-term continuous work.
     My company can voice coil linear motor precise position, velocity, acceleration and thrust control, no dorsal gap. Positional accuracy levels up to 0.1 ~ 5 �� m, the output power of 30 N ~ 800N, customers will be provided under the special design requirements.
     The main application areas: semiconductor, optical electronics, automobile production testing, detection of biological, chemical or biological sampling, food production, assembly packaging, automated testing, high-speed scanning, and efficient welding, patch, assembly, testing and detection equipment, the optical components handling and testing, various linear or rotary applications, sophisticated and high-speed movement of equipment, in particular the need high-speed reciprocating movement of the application cycle.